Scouts Good Health & Well Being Mission

In February Syston Scout Group have been looking at Good Health & Well-being, as part of their mission this year to understand and help towards the UN Sustainable Goals. The reasons for this was that February saw Mental Health week, International Epilepsy Day plus the world issues of the Coronavirus. 

While many of the targets for this goal focus on preventing diseases and ensuring quality healthcare for all, it was important to also think about ways we can protect our own health and consider the importance of mental health and well-being. 

The Young people found out how easily disease spreads and the importance of hand washing through a simulation game. The game saw the Young People put paint on their hands with three to four different groups with different colours. We ask all the young people to shake hands with the other groups. Once they had shaken everybody’s hand, they put their hand print on to a large piece of paper. 

A person sitting on a table

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A dessert on a plate

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A group of people standing next to a child

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As you can see the results of this shows a mixture of colours which showed the young people how easy germs can spread. 

As Scouts, we believe in preparing young people with skills for life. We encouraged our young people to get involved and learn some basic lifesaving skills. The young people where shown and got to practise the recovery position, CPR and other lifesaving first aid skills. They all really enjoyed learning how they could help people and a skill that they will always have. 

A group of people in a room

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A picture containing floor, person, indoor, child

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A picture containing person, child, floor, indoor

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A group of people sitting on a wooden floor

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Over the next few weeks, our young people will be looking at technology and the amount of different materials used to make them. Plus we have started a collection of old phones to help Oxfam in their appeal to recycle and reuse these devices in third world county’s. 

Sound like something you would like to be a part of? 

Syston Scout Group are always looking for new members and adult volunteers to help make Scouting in Syston great for the young people. If you can spare a few hours a week, why not get in touch and help young people develop #SkillsForLife. Contact us on 0116 326 6908 or email 

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