115th Year Challenge

Syston Scout Group’s 115th Year Challenge

The 115th Year Challenge badge has been created to Challenge the Young People of the group to learn new Skills and try new things.

The Badge consists of 6 parts which will need to be completed for the badge to be awarded. There are 3 levels of the badge designed for 3 age ranges from Beavers, cubs and scouts.

The badge can be completed in a number of ways, from try and joining in at section meetings which cover parts of the badge, to completing other parts at home or out with family and Friends.

As this is a Challenge badge, we want the Young people to go the extra mile and be proud of what they have achieved.

This Badge will be run for our 115th Birthday Year from Feb 2023 till Jan 2024.

Please see the 6 section which detail ideas how to complete the sections. This is open for your Young person to come up with their own way to complete they section and we would like to hear your ideas.

Any questions please speak to your section leader or email gsl@systonscouts.org.uk with any questions.

Need some ideas?

We’ve put together a handful of ideas to help you out along the way, see some of the links below:

Life Skills

About Money (See Money Badge)

Cooking & Meal Planning / Shopping for food

DIY (See Scouts DIY Badge)

Water Safety

First Aid (Complete the Next Stage badge)

How the justice system

works (Court, police station visit)

(Beavers) Learn 1 New Life Skills

(Cubs) Learn 2 New Life Skills

(Scouts) Learn 3 New Life Skills

(Beavers) Help and take part in a Community/Fundraising event.

(Cubs) Help and Take Part in a Community Project.

(Cubs) Help and Take Part in a Fundraising Event.

(Scouts) Identify, Plan and Action how to help in the community.

(Scouts) Help and Take Part in a Fundraising Event.

(Beavers) Light and cook an item on a fire.

(Beavers) Build a den.

(Cubs) Light and cook a simple meal on a fire or portable stove.

(Cubs) Build a Den outdoors.

(Scouts) Light and Cook a full meal on a fire or portable stove & build.

(Scouts) Camp in an outdoor shelter.

(Beavers) Be able to Tie 2 knots.

(Beavers) Make some rope.

(Cubs) Be able to tie 4 knots.

(Cubs) Make some rope.

(Cubs) Build a Pioneering ‘A’ Frame or Bridge.

(Scouts) Be able to tie the 6 knots.

(Scouts) Make and whip a Lashing Rope.

(Scouts) Design and Build a Pioneering project over an obstacle.

(Beavers) Find out and make a scrapbook about Scouts in another Country.

(Cubs) Find out and make a scrapbook about Scouts in 2 other countries.

(Scouts) Find out and make contact about Scouts in another Country and be involved in a joint project.

(Beavers) 1 night away camping or sleepiver.

(Cubs) 2 nights away camping.

(Scouts) Night away on expedition, or;

2 Nights away camping.