Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Last Updated 8th January 2022.

Unfinished Event

No refunds are issued if a young person leaves the session before the end of the session due to disciplinary action or sickness.


Cancellations for other reasons will be refunded, minus the registration processing fee, if the cancellation is made with a written request (email acceptable) four weeks (twenty business days) before the session begins.

Non-attendance (COVID-19)

If a Young person is unable to attend the event due to a COVID-19 positive diagnosis or direct exposure requiring quarantine during the dates they are scheduled to attend the event, we will aim to fill the space with another young person. If a replacement is found, we will issue a full refund. If we are unable to find a replacement, we may not be able to provide a refund due to event costs already paid out. We will always aim to refund as much as possible for the young person missing the event.


If a young person does not attend an event that they had signed up for, then no refunds will be issued.


The registration processing fee (deposit) is non-refundable. It is refunded only if the Young Person is registered, and the event cancels the session.