Over the past month Syston Scouts aged 10 – 14 Years where ask to write a article about their time in Scouts. The below article and poster were created by the Scouts and will go towards there Writers Badge. 

Syston Scouts  

We have had a busy Autumn and Spring so far. 

We have visited Glenfield Tunnel which travels to Leicester. This was very interesting as the tunnel goes through the hill near County hall. 

We have done Ready Steady Cook and brought our ingredients in. The leaders enjoyed sampling the food. 

We have used our knots experience to build Chariots to race in the street. We also tried our hand at Paracording, to make key ring holders. 

We learnt how to make a fire called Backwoods Cooking (Backwoods cookingis a method ofcookingwithout the use of kitchen implements on a fireand then are.leaders put on a small.firework display. 

We took part in the Charnwood District Bowling and will be attending a Paintball Session too. 

Some Scouts have been to a meeting to see if they want to camp in Georgia 2020. 

Our camp this year with District is a Christmas theme in May. I think the leaders are more excited than the scouts, but we won’t admit it. 

The other week we hiked around Barkby on a circular path. 

Last week we used the new First Aid Dummies to learn CPR. Which proved enjoyable but worth the knowledge for Scouts to have. 

We are a friendly troop of Boys and Girls aged 10 ½ to 14. If you are interested in joining us please get in contact.  Adults are also welcome as there is lots to take part in. 

If you would like to volunteer, or get your son or daughter to join the adventure 

Please contact Chris Bodycot - 0788 4245 089 GSL@systonscouts.org.uk 

Syston Scout Group is open to girls and boys aged from 6 years upwards