8. Responsibilities

We expect our staff, managers, trustees, volunteers, members and any providers we use (for example payroll or pension providers) to keep to the guidelines as set out in our Data Policy and under ICO and GDPR guidance when they are using or processing personal data and other confidential or sensitive information. This is set out more clearly below. 

8.1 Board of Trustees (Executive Committee) 

Our Board of Trustees (Executive Committee) has overall responsibility for 10th Leicester (Syston) Scout Group and for making sure that we keep to legal requirements, including data protection legislation. Our Chair and Executive Committee are responsible for making sure we keep to these requirements across 10th Leicester (Syston) Scout Group. 

8.2 Data protection officer (DPO) or equivalent role holder 

TSA has externally appointed a DPO to ensure the organisation is monitoring compliance with GDPR and other Data Protection laws, our data protection policies, awareness- raising, training, and audits. Local Scouting Units should consider appointing their own DPO. The data protection officer is responsible for: 

  • making sure that this data protection policy is up to date 
  • advising you on data protection issues 
  • dealing with complaints about how we use personal and sensitive personal data 
  • reporting to the ICO if we do not keep to any regulations or legislation 

8.3 Staff 

This part, 8.3, is not applicable for 10th Leicester (Syston) Scout Group at this time. 

8.4 Volunteers, members and local Scouting 

We expect you to keep to data protection legislation and this data protection policy, and to follow the relevant rules set out in our Policy, Organisation and Rules (POR). 

The executive committee or 10th Leicester (Syston) Scout Group has overall responsibility for keeping to data protection regulations. 

As part of your data protection duties, you should report urgently (to your local manager or the executive committee) any instance where the rules on how we handle personal data are broken (or might be broken).