Is Zoom safe to use?

Yes. Zoom is safe to use. Us, as leaders have looked into this to ensure the safety of leaders and young people, and we have configured settings to make this most appropriate for Scouts use.

Zoom is now endorsed by National Scouts, and they have also made sure that the platform is safe and secure.

Do I have to download Zoom to use it?

No, you don’t have to download Zoom to use it, you can join a meeting by visiting their website at https://zoom.us.

For best results, we do reccommend downloading the application to your computer or mobile device.

Where can I download Zoom from?

Zoom can be dowloaded from https://zoom.us/download

You should also be able to search the appropriate App Store on your device.

Is Zoom free?

Yes, Zoom is completely free for you to use for our Scouts meetings. We have a licenced account which has been provided by UK Scouts.

How does Zoom work?

We are using a platform called ‘Zoom’. Some of you may have already used this before, but if not, it’s very simple to use.

Simply search the app store on your device for ‘Zoom Online Meetings’ or visit https://zoom.us/download. Once you have downloaded it on your device or laptop, you then need to click ‘Join a Meeting’ and enter the Meeting ID and Password at the bottom of this email. (You do not need to sign up or login to zoom.)

When joining, it should ask you what name to use, by default it could just say for example, ‘iPhone’. Please rename this to the family surname/ the surname that we have on record for your young person, so that we can ensure that you are let in via the waiting room – we’d hate for you to miss out!

Make sure you connect to audio, and turn your camera on.

What should parents do to help safeguard young people when using Zoom?

Parents need to ensure the following:

  • No photos or screenshots of the online meeting are to be taken by yourselves.
  • Sounds daft, but please make sure that anyone that could appear on the video stream, is fully and appropriately dressed.
  • Beavers and Cubs must be supervised at all times by an adult.
  • You must not be in a young persons bedroom whilst on the Online Meeting.

What are leaders doing to safeguard young people when using Zoom?

  • We have made sure that the platform is secure – only people that have the Meeting ID and Password below can join the meeting, after being approved by one of our leaders. Therefore, please don’t share these details with anyone else.
  • We will make sure that there is always a minimum of 2 adult leaders present on the call at all times, just like having 2 leaders when we meet face to face.
  • These meetings will not be visually recorded.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an Online Meeting Platform. For more information, please visit https://zoom.us.