5. What type of personal data do we collect, and why?

5.1 Members and Volunteers 

We benefit from the service of a large number of members giving their time to Scouting at both UKHQ and local Scouting levels. We may hold personal data (including sensitive personal data) about members and volunteers on our membership database. We believe it is important to be open and transparent about how we will use your personal data. Information we may hold about you includes the following: 

  • name and contact details 
  • length and periods of service (and absence from service) 
  • details of training you receive 
  • details of your experience, qualifications, occupation, skills and any awards you have received 
  • details of Scouting events and activities you have taken part in 
  • details of next of kin 
  • age/date of birth 
  • details of any health conditions 
  • details of disclosure checks 
  • any complaints we have received about the member 
  • race or ethnic background and native languages 
  • religion 
  • nationality 

We need this information to communicate with you and to carry out any necessary checks to make sure that you can work with young people. We also have a responsibility to keep information about you, both during your membership and afterwards (due to our safeguarding responsibilities and also to help us if you leave or re-join). 

Much of this information is collected from the member joining forms and waiting list forms found on our website. 

5.2 Employees (past, present and future) 

This part, 5.2, does not apply to 10th Leicester (Syston) Scout Group. 

5.3 Trustees and members of the governance structure 

For the members of The Scout Association’s Board of Trustees and its subcommittees, other committees and working groups, we may hold the type of information as set out in 5.1 and also including the following: 

  • CVs 
  • Related party information 

5.4 Donors 

We benefit from donations from members of the public who support our work, and we hold personal data about these donors so that we can process donations and orders and tell donors about our work and campaigns and how they can support us further. We may hold the type of information as set out in 5.1. 

5.5 Customers and visitors (External HQ Bookings & Online Shop Orders) 

We also hold personal data from customers and visitors to our Scout HQ, as well as on our Online Shop that is used occasionally for various events. We may hold the type of information as set out in 5.1 and also including the following: 

  • purchase history 
  • taxpayer and payment details 

Much of this information is taken from online registration forms located on our website. 

5.6 CCTV 

Our Headquarters operates a CCTV network to help prevent and detect crime and safeguard (protect) young people and others. If we can identify somebody from a CCTV image, the image must be processed as personal data.