Event Rules and Expectations Agreement

We have put together a list of rules, expectations and consequences; should the unlikely event of unacceptable behaviour occur. We ask that you read and sign the form below to confirm that you agree with our rules and regulations and to ensure that the Young People get the best possible experience they can from the Camp. All members of Syston Scout group will be expected to follow the same rules and expectations. We are positive that the Young People will fully enjoy the Camp; however, we would like to make you aware of the rules and expectations beforehand, so that you may share these with your Young Person in the weeks running up to the trip.

The rules are as follows:

1. The Young People should treat all adults and other young people with respect and consideration.

2. The Young People should listen carefully to and follow all instructions given by Syston Scout Group Leaders and the Centre Instructors.

3. The Young People should take responsibility for their own belonging and actions. We take no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

4. The Young People should take responsibility for clearing away and washing their own dishes from the table and work as a team to tidy their dining table.

5. The Young People should take responsibility for keeping their Tents tidy.

6. The Young People should take responsibility for wearing the appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment for each activity (the Syston Scout Group Leaders will inform the Young People of appropriate clothes/shoes/equipment).

7. The Young People should settle down and to go to sleep when ‘Lights Out’ has been issued and not disrupt the other Young People in their Tent.

Should a Young Person not comply with the rules and expectations, they will have a formal warning. If they continue to not comply, they will spend time out and be given a Yellow Card. If this continues to be a problem, then the Young Person will be given a Red Card. Parents will be notified and required to collect their Young Person from the Scout Campsite.

On that note, we have never had to apply any of the above consequences and we are positive that we will not need to this year, either! Would you kindly, sign the form below which confirms that you agree with the above rules and consequences and assist us by discussing this with your child.